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Swing Your Way Through The Castle To Find Your Princess In Big Sticky

Swing Your Way Through The Castle To Find Your Princess In Big Sticky

July 26, 2011
Big Sticky by BIG BAD BRUSH inc. icon

Big Sticky ($0.99) by BIG BAD BRUSH inc. is a challenging platforming game for your iPhone.

You're Sticky, a purple frog prince who was happily living with his princess in a big castle. Then one day, a lonely castle gets jealous and abducts your princess, as well as all the other princesses of the world! So now you have to go to this castle and venture to rescue your beloved, as well as all the other princesses that were kidnapped. Are you up to the task?

Big Sticky by BIG BAD BRUSH inc. screenshot

Gameplay is fairly simple in this game -- you have to get Sticky to the end of each level, while avoiding obstacles that get in your way. But how do you get Sticky across each stage? With his sticky tongue, of course!

Controls are fairly simple as well -- tap on a surface to have Sticky release his tongue and stick to it to swing across. You will find yourself tapping and releasing in fairly quick succession in order to get across safely.

In each level, there are three roses to collect that will increase your score, and the faster you complete a level, the better. Gold trophies are awarded on a level if you collect all of the roses and finish quickly. This may sound easy, but it's actually quite difficult.

In the levels, you will encounter spikes, laval, enchanted platforms, moving walls, and much more. You cannot fall into these dangers, or stick on to them -- otherwise, it's game over! Your taps must be precise, or you will constantly die. The timing between swings must also be precise.

The goal of each level is to reach the door at the end, which will reveal one of the many abducted princesses, who will inform you that they are not the princess your looking for.

Big Sticky by BIG BAD BRUSH inc. screenshot

There are 51 levels spread out throughout five different worlds to go through, so there will be plenty of game time to go through. Graphics are nicely illustrated, though they don't seem to be particularly sharp on the iPhone 4's Retina display.

Tips are displayed throughout the level, but I wish that the developers would have them as separate from the level itself. The text is currently a part of the background of the level, and can be a bit distracting. Having tips show up in a dismissible popup window is a better option. In fact, there should be an option for toggling tips altogether.

If you're a fan of platforming games, then Big Sticky should be a welcome addition to your iOS game collection. It's definitely challenging, and will provide plenty of game time.

More levels are promised by the developers in future updates.

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