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 Blobster Will Steal Your Heart And Keep You Challenged

Blobster Will Steal Your Heart And Keep You Challenged

July 20, 2011
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Blobster ($0.99) by Chillingo Ltd is a new and innovative action platformer in which you're a cute little blob, trying to save Blobtopia. Follow Blobster on his adventure to save his fellow blobs by collecting all of the blobules he can.

Blobster by Chillingo Ltd screenshot

Blobster is probably the most adorable little thing you will ever come across. Not only is he a roly-poly blob bent on saving Blobtopia, but he also makes the cutest noises. If you stop playing for a moment, he gets impatient and squeaks what I can only imagine are little "pay attention to me!" squeaks. I love Blobster. I want to take him home with me; and you will too.

All of the Blobtopia citizens survive solely on "blobules." One day, one of the biggest blobule mines in Blobtopia blew up and blobules were spread out all over the land. It's Blobster's mission to collect them and save his people. The more blobules he collects, the more he grows and the more awkwardly he will roll on the terrain.

To move, you can either tap right or left or change your settings to tilt-to-move. I prefer tilting, myself, as it made the game more enjoyable and interactive. To jump, or otherwise get Blobster off the ground, touch him and pull down — like a slingshot — and he will go flying. The further you pull down, the further he will go; the less effort you put into it, the shorter the distance. He's like a super squishy rubberband ball of lovable awesomeness.

There are other, evil blobs trying to collect the blobules, as well. If you run into any of them you will die, so make sure to jump on their heads like Mario owning a goomba. You may have to slingshot Blobster into things (think: Angry Birds) to make them topple over so that you may progress. It's very intuitive and addictive. Oh, and did I mention that Blobster is just too cute?

Some of the blobules are radioactive and will give Blobster extraordinary powers. Use these wisely against your foes and to help you navigate the terrain to beat the level.

I should mention that you don't want to fall into the water either. I, of course, found this out the hard way. I must have drowned six times on one level with a lot of water. Sorry, Blobster.

The graphics are great and gameplay is both fun and challenging. The further you get through the 40 levels, the harder it becomes. You'll also unlock different Blobster-like characters to play and eventually survival mode. Survival mode will unlock once you've completed 75 percent of arcade mode; I haven't quite made it yet, but I'm well over halfway there.

Blobster by Chillingo Ltd screenshot

Unfortunately, there is no universal app, but you can get Blobster for the iPhone for one dollar and Blobster HD for the iPad for two dollars in the App Store.

I really enjoyed playing this game on my iPhone and would definitely reccommend it. It's fun and there are plenty of levels and interesting controls. It can be quite the challenge at times, which I find to be a good selling point.

I dare you to download Blobster and not let out a single "awww" when he opens his little blob mouth or rolls off of a cliff.

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