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Daphnée Teaches The Hip French Phrases

Daphnée Teaches The Hip French Phrases

August 1, 2011

DAPHNEE FRENCH TEACHER ($2.99) by SWISSKISS is an interactive app that teaches useful French phrases through a series of movies. Users follow Daphnée around Paris and learn formal and informal conversational French while travelling.

There are six different chapters in the app. Subjects range from meetings, to shopping, to nightlife. Each chapter has four video lessons where Daphnée speaks phrases in English and then French. Each lesson also has a glossary with the French and English equivalents of the phrases spoken in each lesson.


Daphnée covers concepts very quickly. Although it is possible to pause and rewind each lesson, Daphnée is not the app for first time French learners. The app uses slightly more informal French that is more commonly used in Paris. Daphnée is best for users looking for a refresher course, or who just want to know a little more about how to speak while in France.

Daphnée does not come with all the lessons pre-loaded. Each chapter or lesson must be downloaded individually. These additional downloads are free, but are time consuming and require Wi-Fi access.

The app needs to be viewed with a pinch of salt; some of the suggested phrases (for example those in the nightlife section) might not be well received in real life. Nonetheless, it is pretty interesting to watch.

Overall, Daphnée is a unique take on learning French. Although the app does rush through the phrases, those who already know a bit of French should enjoy this app. The videos are best for learning conversational phrases found in adult conversation. I would not recommend this for children, but if you are a young adult and planning on visiting Paris, be sure to check out Daphnée in the App Store.

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