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Let Your Voice Do The Legwork With Dragon Go!

Let Your Voice Do The Legwork With Dragon Go!

July 16, 2011
Dragon Go! by Nuance Communications icon

Dragon Go! (Free) by Nuance Communications is a new search app for the iPhone which implements smart searching with your voice. Make reservations, find phone numbers, browse showtimes and more with near perfect accuracy.

Dragon Go! by Nuance Communications screenshot

All you have to do is press the red button and speak into the app. Search for whatever you want through Fandango, Pandora, Yelp, Twitter, OpenTable ... this app has it all in one place!

Depending on your phrasing, you will be guided to a certain engine. For example, if you ask about the weather, you'll be sent to AccuWeather. However, if that is not exactly where you wanted to search, just swipe between tabs at the top to find what better suits you.

Just like most Nuance software, Dragon Go! is extremely responsive and accurate. This app can definitely replace a lot of other search apps, and it's all done easily with your voice. Even share your results using email, SMS, Twitter, or Facebook.

It works flawlessly, but I did encounter one incident in which it misunderstood me. I was searching for "Portal" and it assumed I was looking for "porn." But who can blame it, really? That is what most people use the Internet for, right?

And if for whatever reason, it's too loud wherever you happen to be, you can always type in what you want in the search box. But that's no fun, so tell everyone to shut up instead.

Dragon Go! by Nuance Communications screenshot

I would like this to be integrated with the Dragon Dictation app. I know they both do different things, but being able to have documents and notes written with my voice and searching for things with my voice all in one app sounds pretty nifty.

Dragon Go! is free in the App Store, and we all know I'm a huge proponent of free. This is truly a wonderful app for many purposes and has earned a permanent place on my phone. Make searching for what you want easier and more enjoyable. Do yourself a favor and download this app.

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