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Be Reminded Of Your Meals And Diet With FoodRemindr

Be Reminded Of Your Meals And Diet With FoodRemindr

July 13, 2011
FoodRemindr - Helpt je aan je dieet te houden by icon

FoodRemindr - Helps you stick to your diet ($2.99) by aims to help you stick to your diet.

These days, it seems like everyone is trying to eat healthier and lose some weight (summer bodies, right?). However, the task of keeping the right diet is hard to maintain, but FoodRemindr is here to help keep you on track.

To start using FoodRemindr, you're going to have to set up your own personal profile. No, this isn't an online account, it's just some information about yourself to make the app work for you.

FoodRemindr - Helpt je aan je dieet te houden by screenshot

Your profile will need your name and gender (first names work fine), situation, number of scheduled meals, and daily calorie target. Your situation will determine the meals and calorie target though, unless you already know something that works for you.

In FoodRemindr, the situation gives you four options: Underweight, Average, Overweight, and Bodybuilder. When you pick one of these, the scheduled meals and daily calorie total are determined for you.

Unlike other dietary apps, this one can help those that are underweight actually gain weight. It's not always about losing weight for some people, you know?

The scheduled meals are given default times, but you can edit them for when you usually eat. This is great for giving you the freedom to control and maintain your diet.

Since you may stay in the same situation or eventually change, you can always go back and edit your profile in FoodRemindr to reflect your lifestyle.

FoodRemindr will have four tabs at the bottom of the screen to help you navigate: Dashboard, Profile, Logbook, and Settings.

Once you have the Profile taken care of, you'll probably find yourself at the Dashboard. This is where you can see how many calories you've consumed for the day, meals you've had, and how long until your next meal.

A Summary view is provided to give you a totals and average for today, or the past two, seven, and 30 days. A custom summary can be created as well.

When you eat, the most important part of FoodRemindr is inputting the calorie information. This is done through the Logbook.

Tapping on a scheduled meal will allow you to input calories, saturated fats, proteins, and carbs, though the filling out all of these is optional. Calories is probably the most important one out of the four, so if you can't get everything, at least make sure to look for calorie count.

If you are eating the same meal that you've had recently, you can get the same counts from the previous entry by selecting "Pick nutrition from recent meals." If your counts are wrong, you can reset them.

For those times when you decide to eat earlier or later, you can select "New Meal" instead. Give the meal a name and do the same thing as you would with scheduled meals. You can go back to a scheduled meal and delete it, that is, if you're replacing it.

Consumed Meals in the Logbook will show the meals that you actually ate that day. The date in the top left corner allows you to navigate between previous and future dates, with a "Today" button to easily get back where you want to be.

FoodRemindr - Helpt je aan je dieet te houden by screenshot

Settings will allow you to adjust your profile (though this can also be done in the appropriate view), enable reminders, view a help guide, about FoodRemindr, and feedback/bug reporting.

Reminders can be enabled for on your meal time, or 15 and 30 minutes before. FoodRemindr uses local notifications.

FoodRemindr features a beautiful and smooth interface that will make logging your meals a pleasant experience. The wood grain background, gray toolbar with navigation animations, buttons, and fonts are all good looking and shows that a lot of thought has gone into making the app a nice experience.

My only gripe is that you will have to manually enter in calories, saturated fats, proteins, and carbs. There isn't a way to look up the information directly from the app -- you will have to get this information yourself, which can make it a bit tedious for when you go out to eat (looking at nutrition labels at home isn't too bad).

Maybe in the future, some kind of database can be added to make inputting the data less of a hassle.

I still find this useful to remind me when it is time to eat, because while I work, it can be easy to forget.

The price seems a bit high at $2.99, and personally I think it would be more worth getting if the price were $1.99 or so. However, if you want an app to help you stick to your diet or improve it, this app can definitely help you out with that.

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FoodRemindr - Helpt je aan je dieet te houden
FoodRemindr - Helpt je aan je dieet te houden

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