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Hills Of Glory: WWII Premium HD Brings Heaps Of Revisionist, Defense-Based Shooting

July 28, 2011
Hills of Glory: WWII Premium HD by Bulkypix icon

Hills of Glory: WWII Premium HD ($3.99) by Bulkypix brings a cartoony, castle defense based perspective to World War II that’s both exciting, hilarious, and wickedly immersive. The game can be a bit dull at times (did real troops have to grind for experience?) but is worth every penny for fans of the genre.

Hills of Glory: WWII Premium HD by Bulkypix screenshot

Like "Army of Darkness Defense HD," or the massively popular "Plants vs. Zombies" series, Hills of Glory: WWII HD has you defending your home base from wave after wave of enemy soldiers. To defeat baddies, you’ll need to tap them on-screen, nullifying their assault with various weapons at your command.

The weapons are one of the game’s biggest pluses. There’s an incredible variety available via upgrades, each with a unique, strategical slant. Players can use everything from a lightning ray down to a basic rifle, creating a brilliant opportunity to plan your defenses.

The way in which new weapons are presented is unique, as well. Hills of Glory: WWII HD allows players to carry three special units into battle, each unit coming equipped with a specific set of armaments. By unlocking new special troops, the player can add to their arsenal. Having the ability to pick the cavalry, so to speak, also adds another layer to the game’s strategic elements.

Finally, Hills of Glory: WWII HD comes with both OpenFeint and Game Center integration, meaning achievement hounds and leader board prowlers alike can find their cake and eat it too with the app.

Hills of Glory: WWII Premium HD by Bulkypix screenshot

As fun as Hills of Glory’s gameplay is, however, it can be very repetitive at times. Occasionally, I encountered a level I could not pass because my special troops just weren’t powerful enough. To advance, I had to grind my way through backlogged missions until I had enough funds to purchase upgrades.

Obviously, this pacing issue detracts from the flow of the game, but the hit to the player’s morale is what’s most troubling. If a level feels insurmountable, what incentive does the gamer have to keep going?

Likewise, the consistently plain level design can be tiresome. Levels look fantastic, and certainly add a unique, cartoony flair to history, but offer no real variations on the concept. Adding special bunkers, or possible safe zones, to the mix would help keep things fresh.

All complaints aside, the depth offered here really is worth looking into. The drive to upgrade a general to the next level is quite compelling, and the mad dash arcade shooting fun keeps the blood pumping as well. All in all, Hills of Glory: WWII HD is a solid castle defense title for iOS with a unique and humorous look on history.

Best of all, the game is appropriately priced at $3.99 in the App Store, meaning you won’t break the bank to experience the revisionist fun found in Hills of Glory: WWII HD.

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