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Get Your Tasks Organized And Done In A Fast And Beautiful Way, Plus A Chance To Win!

Get Your Tasks Organized And Done In A Fast And Beautiful Way, Plus A Chance To Win!

July 29, 2011
HQ: To Do & Task Lists by Sleeping Giant Apps icon

HQ: To Do & Task Lists ($2.99) by Sleeping Giant Apps is a fast and beautiful looking app to help you manage that hectic life of yours.

Let's face it -- life moves fast. Why should you have to take time out of it to learn a complicated task management system? HQ: To Do and Task Lists requires no additional learning curve. Everything is laid out in a straightforward manner that is easy to use.

HQ: To Do & Task Lists by Sleeping Giant Apps screenshot

On the first launch, you'll get a tutorial overlay of how things work in the app. Additionally, there will be some default tasks and projects that will show you the ropes even more. Even without the tutorials, I think HQ is laid out in a way that would be very intuitive to the average user. It just works.

The interface is beautiful graphically and typographically.

HQ has three views: Projects, Lists, and Done. Projects are for tasks that have a set due date, and List tasks don't have a due date. Think of it like splitting up your to-dos with your shopping list. Any tasks that are done will show up in the Done view, though they will also show up at the bottom of the list in the specified Project or List view.

Adding a new project or list is easy -- simply navigate to that view, and hit that gorgeous "+ Add New" button at the top. Both Projects and Lists will allow you to enter a name, select priority (from one to five), and choose a color to go along with it. If you're adding a new project though, you will have to choose a due date too.

Once you have your Project or List created, you can view it and start adding the tasks that are necessary to go along with it. Again, tasks that go in a project will have a due date assigned to it that you can set, whereas tasks in a list won't have the option.

When you go back to the main Projects or Lists view, you'll notice on the right hand side a circle with a percentage above it. This is to show your progress on a particular project or list, and how much is left until it's completed. It will change as you mark off tasks as complete.

For quick access, a simple swipe to the right on an item will bring up a contextual menu. In this menu, there are options for marking the item as complete, editing it, or just deleting it.

Filtering your items is easy as well, with the "quick-swipe filtering" option at the bottom of every screen. You can sort by Alphabetical, Priority, Due Soonest, or Due Latest.

If you exit the app and come back to it later, you will find yourself at the last opened tab that you were in. Before the latest update, it would take you back to the Projects tab, which could prove to be an inconvenience for you. The task sorting will also be in the last remembered state instead of the default "due soonest" setting.

In addition to the contextual menu, you could simply tap the checkbox on an item in a list or project to mark it off as complete. However, I found this box to be rather small and hard to select without being precise. I would like to suggest to developers to make the box a tad bigger, or allow the sensitivity of the touch area to be bigger than what it currently is.

HQ: To Do & Task Lists by Sleeping Giant Apps screenshot

Currently, the developers are aware of a bug that is affecting sort order and task date, and have an updated being submitted early next week. In addition to that, they are also working on a web app that will have the ability to edit and sync to your iPhone. This should be completed around late August.

If you're looking for a beautiful task manager that is fast, simple, and beautiful, then give HQ: To Dos & Tasks a try. The developers seem to care about the customers and are working hard to make the app even better.

Organize your life for less than a cup of coffee. Is $3 too much for you? Luckily for you, I have some copies to give away!

GIVEAWAY: I have three copies of HQ: To Dos & Tasks to give away to some awesome AppAdvice readers! For your chance to win a copy, leave a comment on this post telling me how your life would be better with HQ. I'll award my favorites with a copy of HQ. Make sure to leave a valid email so that I can contact you if you win. I will close this contest after Sunday, July 31 at 9 p.m. PDT.

Good luck!

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