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MoneyWiz Gives You The Most Bang For Your Buck

MoneyWiz Gives You The Most Bang For Your Buck

July 16, 2011
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MoneyWiz for iPad ($4.99) by SilverWiz makes tracking your bank accounts a breeze.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll spend a little here, a little there, and then suddenly wonder why you’re ending the month with less money than you thought. Sure, your account can track your transactions, but can it generate interactive reports? MoneyWiz can.

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The first screen walks you through each of the menus available. Don’t worry if you just want to jump into the app. Helpful reminders display in useful places, even after you’ve started. The clean interface and icons organize all of the information intuitively.

Set up each of the accounts you’d like to monitor, including your checking, savings, credit, and even cash reserves. Realize you made a mistake and the app isn’t reflecting what is actually in one of your accounts? The reconcile account feature will help balance things out.

You can set your income or expenses to recur over a select period of time. That way, if you know your paycheck is every other Friday and it’s always “x,” you’re set. If you know your cable bill is always due at the beginning of the month for “x++” you can set that up as well.

The ability to generate reports is amazing. The account balance report shows a line graph of your transactions for up to the last 12 months.

Trends such as when you’re most likely to spend money may become more apparent. The expense categories report is handy as well. A pie chart will show how much you’re spending in all of the selected categories. Suddenly all those quick trips to McDonald’s seem to be adding up.

Syncing is performed through the developer’s Sync Everything option. You can create a free account to either back up your information, or if you plan on using the app on multiple devices.

MoneyWiz for iPad by SilverWiz screenshot

This app is all about giving you more than you would expect. The built-in calculator widget also serves as a currency converter and a mortgage calculator. You can even enable password protection if you’d like an extra level of security. Though don’t worry, your actual bank accounts are not connected to the app.

For those wishing to find the perfect app for monitoring your accounts, look no further than MoneyWiz.

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