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My Wonderful Days Makes Keeping A Journal Easier Than Ever

My Wonderful Days Makes Keeping A Journal Easier Than Ever

July 12, 2011
My Wonderful Days * Everyday note for my daily life by haha Interactive icon

My Wonderful Days * Everyday note for my daily life ($0.99) by haha Interactive is a simple journaling app that makes it easy to remember your good and bad days.

Journaling is a pastime that is becoming harder than ever to keep up with. With life becoming more and more hectic each day, do we really have the time and energy to sit down and write full fledged entries in our journals (analog or digital) these days? That's why My Wonderful Days wants to help simplify the process.

The point of My Wonderful Days isn't to write long journal entries describing every detail -- instead, it wants to keep things simple. When you create a new entry, by default, the app will start off with "Today is..." and it's up to you to fill in the rest.

My Wonderful Days * Everyday note for my daily life by haha Interactive screenshot

Write what you want, but don't write a novel. The point is to simply determine if your day has been good, bad, or "meh." At the bottom of your new entry, you'll have the option to attach a photo, and adjust the slider that represents how your day has been.

To the left side of the slider is an angry face to represent "bad," and on the right is a happy face for the "good." Sliding it will adjust the size of the emoticon, which ends up representing your day. If you leave the slider around the middle, there is neither an angry or happy face -- it's blank.

I would like to see the ability to snap a new photo from directly within the app -- currently, you can only import from your Photo Library. What if I don't have an image for the moment and want to snap a new one? I would have to exit out of the app, go to Camera, snap a photo, and then go back to My Wonderful Days. That's a lot of steps -- simplify by adding this ability from within the app.

When you save an entry, it will appear in the main list view of the app. Tapping on an entry will take you to view it. If there was a photo attached to it, you will see it at the top, along with the face that represents the mood of that day.

On the list view, you can tap the top image of the sun to view how many total days you've been using the app for, and how many were good or bad.

Along the bottom of the list view are three options: Search, Calendar, and Settings.

Search will allow you to search by filtering keywords, though it seems it will only search through the first few lines of entries, not the entire thing. For example, my entry yesterday included the word "slurpees," but when I search for "slurpees," no results showed up. It would be nice if the developer can integrate full body text search as well.

In addition to searching by words, you can filter by Favorites (tapping the star icon on entries will mark them as Favorites), Good, Bad, or All (I think, it's the one represented by the eye).

The Calendar view brings you to a month view, where days you recorded in the app are represented by dots. Selecting a day will allow you to view the entry for the day.

With My Wonderful Days, the point is one entry a day. So if your day decides to take a giant mood swing, you can go back and edit your entry. There are no multiple entries, so this can be a good or bad thing, depending on how you see it.

For the settings of My Wonderful Days, there are several options for you to tweak the app with. You can insert your birthday, have a reminder alert at some point throughout the day, and set up a passcode lock. In addition, you can toggle the paper textures, sounds, and even backup/restore your data over a Wi-Fi connection.

My Wonderful Days * Everyday note for my daily life by haha Interactive screenshot

By default, the beginning of each entry is "Today is..." However, you can customize this in the app settings to whatever you want. There are also several different choices for fonts for the display of your entries.

If you want to share, you can do so through email, Twitter, or Facebook. Please keep in mind though, that images currently cannot be displayed in tweets or Facebook posts, only email.

My Wonderful Days is the journaling app for everyone else. No long entries, great visuals to represent your day, and a bit of customization.

The app is currently on sale only one dollar, so if you are looking for a simple little journaling app that keeps things short and to-the-point (good day or bad day?), then this is definitely worth checking out.

Wary? There is also a free Lite version to try to see if it works for you.

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