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Find The Odd One Out In Odd Spotting

Find The Odd One Out In Odd Spotting

July 22, 2011
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Odd Spotting ($1.99) by Micromicon Media Limited is an observational app that’s fun for the whole family. It's a mix of easy-to-solve puzzles that will delight young children and more complex puzzles that will challenge even the most observant adults.

DJ and Jelly are on a mission to spot the odd one out in each level, and they want you to join them. Will you help them find the object that looks different in each puzzle?

In Odd Spotting, the goal is to look at a group of identical objects and find the one that doesn’t belong, such as a orange slice with seeds in a screen full of orange slices without seeds. Each level has a timer, and you must find the misplaced object before the time expires.

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There are three different difficulty levels, ranging from simple to infuriating. Easy mode is perfect for younger children, with objects that are simple to find, like an O in a field of X’s and an apple with a worm among other perfectly formed apples.

Normal mode is a little tougher, and perfect for both older children and adults. Finding the four leaf clover within a group of three leaf clovers is harder than it sounds, and this mode (with many other similar puzzles) will be fairly challenging.

Hard mode is substantially more difficult and may aggravate even the most patient adult with the challenge of finding a minuscule difference between objects, before the timer runs out.

Between the three modes, there are a total of 64 levels, featuring all sorts of colorful and adorable graphics. If you’re having trouble finding the object that looks different, tapping the question mark on the main level menu will give you a hint by showing you what the object looks like. There’s no cheating allowed, as tapping on multiple objects will cause the timer to run out faster.

The info button on the same home screen will allow you to see the levels you’ve passed. Each level you complete unlocks a new one in the same mode, but you can go back and play a previous level anytime. Levels can be replayed because the odd object will be in a different spot every time, offering a new challenge each time you play.

Odd Spotting by Micromicon Media Limited screenshot

I had a lot of fun playing Odd Spotting, which actually ends up being addictive once you get started. I did notice that the graphics could be upgraded to be higher resolution, and that there were a limited number of levels (though they can be replayed). However, I’ve been assured by the developer that an update is already in the works.

This seems like a simple game, and it is, but searching for a hidden object is surprisingly fun. Fans of books like "Where’s Waldo?" will likely find Odd Spotting very enjoyable.

Overall, Odd Spotting is a game that’s great for kids, because it’s useful for developing observational skills as well as provoking dialogue about the various objects in the game. It’s a game that can kids, parents, and other family members can play together, teaming up to hunt for those hard to find items.

Additionally, it’s also perfect for adults who are simply looking for a challenging game. I can guarantee that even eagle eyed people will have a hard time finishing up some of the harder levels. If you’re looking for a game that’ll give your brain and your eyes a workout, give Odd Spotting a try.

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