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Keep Your Secrets Safe, But Handy, With PrivateInfo-HD

Keep Your Secrets Safe, But Handy, With PrivateInfo-HD

July 16, 2011
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PrivateInfo-HD ($8.99) by Mr Burns offers a way to keep personal data on an iPad safe, but still close at hand.

As soon as you open the app it asks you to create a password. It works just like the iOS passcode, so pick something that is easy for you to remember, but hard for someone else to guess (not "1234" or "0000").

The app is divided into sections. There is a virtual wallet to store credit card and bank account numbers, as well as areas for other file types including photos, videos and voice memos. Data is protected by AES256bit encryption and available iOS Data Protection.

PrivateInfo-HD by Mr Burns screenshot

PrivateInfo-HD offers an intuitive UI. It takes almost no time at all to learn how to use this application. To add photos, simply tap on the word "Photos." A brief set of steps appears to explain how to import photos into the app. Anyone with an iPad 2 can also create photos and record HD video from within the app. Both of these features worked seamlessly.

For storing your files, PrivateInfo-HD gives you lots of room -- it's makes use of whatever free space is remaining on your iPad.

PrivateInfo-HD offers users a great deal of flexibilty. It was easy to import a wide variety of different files including PDFs, as well as documents created in Word, Pages, or Numbers.

Exporting documents, photos, and videos was also simple, but I'm not sure how useful it is. Presumably one is storing items in PrivateInfo-HD because you don't want to share them with anyone or store them elsewhere.

PrivateInfo-HD by Mr Burns screenshot

PrivateInfo-HD actually adapts to how you want to use it, instead of forcing the user to conform to an idiosyncratic UI. The app is chock full of little details that minimize frustration. It is possible to set a password hint, or change a password. It is also easy to delete and rename files. These minutia can easily get over-looked by developers, but it's small touches like these that make using an app seamless instead of convoluted.

Not every feature could be deemed "mission critical." Encrypting ones voice memos doesn't seem as important as a tracking passwords and bank account numbers, but perhaps that's just because I don't have anything top secret to say.

If PrivateInfo-HD could automate the process of entering passwords, it would be pretty close to perfect.

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