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Challenges And Adventure Await In Puzzle Expedition

Challenges And Adventure Await In Puzzle Expedition

July 6, 2011
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Puzzle Expedition ($0.99) by Top3Line makes use of teamwork to complete challenging puzzles.

Anna’s father mysteriously disappeared while looking for the story’s MacGuffin, the Tear of God. She enlists the help of Ben, a tour guide, to find her father. Together, the two will need to venture throughout different environments and complete puzzling levels.

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The characters are controlled via the “virtual pad,” a directional circle that can move within a larger concentric circle. Moving the characters is a surprisingly smooth experience. Anna and Ben will automatically climb up or down the moment they reach the edge of a platform. Pushing the virtual pad in conjunction with the “push” or “pick up” icons adds more options for movement.

I was excited when I first saw the premise of this app about needing to use two characters to complete the level. Memories of hours spent playing "The Lost Vikings" came back to me, and I looked forward to the same experience in an app. However, this is not anything close to The Lost Vikings in terms of gameplay. While each of the three Vikings had a unique ability needed to complete the level, Anna and Ben are interchangeable. It doesn’t really matter what character does what, as long as you get them both to the finish line.

One noticeable difference that sets this game apart from The Lost Vikings or similar games, is that a grid overlay can be toggled on or off. The grid lines can help determine if your character can jump to a higher position or climb down with the possibility of climbing back up. The help menu shows you how many grid spaces the characters need for certain actions.

The phrasing throughout the story is choppy, in a “All your base are belong to us” fashion. You can turn off the tutorial dialogs in the options menu, which would cut down on some of the broken English.

While the game could use some polish in regards to grammar and adding a unique trait for each character, it is still a challenging and fun game to play.

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