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Kids Will Love Opening Roxie's Doors


Roxie's Doors ($2.99) by OCG Studios is an interactive storybook designed for young children. The app is designed as a combination of a storybook and the classic iSpy game. Each page of the book has a different door, behind which children can find different objects. The objects are listed in red, and as they are found and tapped they turn green.


There are 10 pages in the storybook. Although it may seem short, there are several objects to find on each page so 10 pages is a decent length. Each page has a different theme and objects to find. Themes include, fire stations, space ships, refrigerators, and more. Each object also has its own sound that is played when tapped.

The app is very well designed. The graphics are well drawn and each page is carefully created. There are three story modes, users can choose between Roxie and Dirk reading, or they can read to themselves. There are also options to turn on or off the sounds made by each object.

Overall, Roxie’s Doors is a very cute and entertaining game for young children. There are plenty of well-hid objects to find. It is not easy to memorize where the hidden objects are, so I think Roxie’s Doors will keep children entertained time and time again.

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