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Syfy For iPad Brings Channel And Show Information To The Big Screen

Syfy For iPad Brings Channel And Show Information To The Big Screen

July 24, 2011
Syfy for iPad by NBC Universal, Inc. icon

Syfy for iPad (Free) by NBC Universal, Inc. brings a wealth of information about the network’s programs to the iPad, including photos, videos, in-depth schedules, and links to various Syfy memorabilia.

The app is a gorgeous utility for diehard fans of the science fiction powerhouse, and serves as the perfect compliment to an evening of geeky entertainment. Syfy for iPad isn’t perfect, but it’s smooth interface and trove of factoids is guaranteed to satisfy the nerd in you.

Syfy for iPad by NBC Universal, Inc. screenshot

Syfy for iPad is a blown-up and remodeled version of the Syfy flavor already available on the iPhone. The new layout is superior in almost every way to its cousin’s more portrait-based design, allowing users to scroll sideways through heaps of programming information. The slick, block-based interface is perfect for touch control, and navigation could not be easier using the tabs along the top.

The app itself is used to relay important information to fans, including scheduling for up to two weeks in advance, photos of popular shows, and video snippets of the programs themselves, as well as behind the scenes sneak peeks. Syfy for iPad also sports a “Connect” tab that will allow users to interface with the Syfy stars, though currently there’s no content available in that regard.

Syfy for iPad by NBC Universal, Inc. screenshot

All in all, it’s a tight package that makes finding the information you want a breeze. That being said, the app is very load heavy, meaning with each change of a tab or feature, Syfy reloads most of the on-screen elements.

Patience is a virtue, but most users will not want to watch the same Allstate ads downloaded again and again. That being said, photos and videos were both quick on their feet, and looked great.

A unique feature that I personally enjoyed was Syfy’s push notifications. Users can specify a show they like, and from that point onward, the app will create alerts specific to that program. This means you’ll never again miss an episode of Ghost Hunters, or be without the latest Eureka news.

However, I still would have liked to see full episodes available for download. The included video tidbits were entertaining, but having even more content at the ready would be a tremendous boon, especially considering how slick the interface is. There were also no planned Syfy Connect events during the time of my review, which was a bit of a drag. Hopefully, more are in the works.

At the end of the day, devotees of the channel will enjoy the app’s blessedly beautiful interface. Syfy for iPad brings a load of useful information, media, and social-networking options to the table, guaranteeing the satisfaction of even the most callous of science fiction nerds.

Future updates will likely sort out the load times, and if whole episodes ever come along, Syfy will be the Mecca of geeky entertainment on the iPad.

Side Note: There’s an included tilt maze that’s hidden Easter egg style within the app. If you can find it (and figure out what it does) drop us a note below! We’re all ears, as it has us baffled.

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