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QuickAdvice: Tangram Puzzles - Plus You Could Win A Copy!

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Tangram Puzzles ($0.99) by PopAppFactory is another fun, educational iPad app for kids and kids at heart from the developers of MosaicHD. The app is set up similarly, except instead of a Lite-Brite-style pin mosaic, you’re playing and creating tangram puzzles.

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Tangrams, the educational puzzles, have been around for many, many years. They are designs you can create from simple shapes, like triangles, squares, parallelograms, circles, and semi-circles. This app’s colorful, attractive graphics and helpful sound effects make it even more engaging than real-life tangram puzzles.

Like MosaicHD, you can choose a template from within the app to play, or choose one from the user-created gallery, or “draw” freehand with the tangrams. Once you pick a template, you’ll be given all of the shapes you’ll need to recreate the picture. The shapes will be the right colors and orientations, and a number badge will tell you how many of each one will be in the picture. You can turn the “help” on, for a shadow of the tangram for you to follow, or turn it off for a more challenging blank board. Drag and drop each piece onto the board until you’ve completed it. You’ll be congratulated when you finish your puzzle, and given the option to save or share.

If you want to create a design freehand, simply chose your shapes (and colors) and place them on the board as desired. When your design is completed to your satisfaction, tap “save” or “share”.

You can share your creation via email or post it to Facebook, but the cool thing is that you can share your tangram art with other users. Simply post to the public wall, as I have done with my own creation, Colorful Parque. You’ll never run out of templates to play, since users are always adding more to the Gallery.

This is an app that is definitely worth buying, but five lucky winners will get a copy for free! Simply retweet this article or leave us a comment. You can enter each way one time, for a total of two entries per person. Contest ends July 6 at 8:00 a.m. EDT. Good luck!

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QuickAdvice: Tangram Puzzles - Plus You Could Win A Copy!

QuickAdvice: Tangram Puzzles - Plus You Could Win A Copy!