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Shoot From The Air And Bomb Zombies In This Call Of Duty-Like Shooter, Zombie Gunship

Shoot From The Air And Bomb Zombies In This Call Of Duty-Like Shooter, Zombie Gunship

July 23, 2011
Zombie Gunship by Limbic Software icon

Zombie Gunship ($0.99) by Limbic Software is a Call of Duty-like aircraft shooting game for the iPhone and is sure to be a hit.

The sound effects are great and the graphics, though simple, are well done and tie it all together. I love this game.

Zombie Gunship by Limbic Software screenshot

There's a short tutorial that guides you through the simple steps of zombie ownage. First things first, move your thumb (or other finger if you prefer) around to view the terrain. To zoom in, you must toggle between "wide" and gun views because you can only shoot when in gun mode. Wide mode is useful though because it allows you to zoom out and get a better look at the entire area.

Touch the screen and move your thumb again to change the crosshair location. This is how you aim. There is a fire button on the bottom left; click to lay waste to the zombie hordes below. Oh, and try to aim ahead of the zombies to actually hit them as they are constantly walking forward.

The civilians are represented by tiny white figures, whereas, the zombies are black. The zombies will, at times, turn to attack the civilians if they are close enough, so be sure to save them. However, be careful not to take out the civilians in the process (oops).

Now, you're ready to go off on your own and save the world. A voice will speak to you at times. He tells you to clear the way to the bunker, escort the civilians to safety, and other such welcome (or unwelcome) tips.

For instance, I was bombing a huge horde of zombies and there happened to be a couple of civilians within the mob. Just a few. I figured, hey, I'm saving more people in general by destroying all of these zombies, killing off a couple of people won't hurt. But "The Voice" did not like that so much. He proceeded to scold me and tell me I was doing more harm than good. Hey, buddy! I'm saving the world here; look at the big picture. I'm pretty sure he needed to go into "wide" mode. What a naysayer.

Essentially, you want to see how long you can last and how many zombies you can defeat. There is Game Center support so that you can challenge your friends and try to top the leader boards.

You earn coinage as you play and defeat more zombies while also having successful escorts. The coins allow you to upgrade to bigger and better guns and even upgrade your aircraft. You can purchase coins in game if you're impatient and want the best of the best straight away.

Zombie Gunship by Limbic Software screenshot

I had a lot of fun with this game and it will be staying on my phone. Zombies and big guns just put a smile on my face. It's one dollar in the App Store, so if you too enjoy a good shooter simulation game, have at it!

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