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Quirky App Of The Day: Office Chaos

Quirky App Of The Day: Office Chaos

July 8, 2011
Most people have experience with difficult coworkers, office politics and a consistently empty coffe pot in the office kitchen. Sometimes, it can seem as if everyone is staring at you with laser beam eyes and an insatiable hunger that devours, not only your body, but your soul as well. Everyone knows that feeling, right? In Office Chaos, the way to survive is to get used to that feeling. The dreaded OMGLOL virus has infected the office. What happens when a virus hits the office? Everyone downloads it, attaches it to emails, sends it to their family, develops a taste for human flesh, shoots lasers from their eyes and expects you to fix it all. You are the IT guy, and you are, therefore, the only one smart enough to not become infected by this deadly virus. Your only course of action is to reboot the system. There is a problem though. The virus is in the human system, not just the computer system. So, how do you reboot the human body? You knock it out cold, of course! Considering that the human brain is a fragile and complex mechanism, only the finest tools should be used while following a carefully executed plan in sterile conditions. It should be obvious that chucking every conceivable item in the office is the only way to meet these strict requirements. Couches, copy machines, coffe pots, and tables are only a few items in your arsenal. For those of you who are The Office Space fans, there are even red staplers that you can throw. There are three different levels in storymode, or you can play survival until the bitter end. Your choice of difficulty levels include Help Desk, Systems Admin and Senior Engineer. There are ten levels in story mode. You are at the tenth level and work your way down to do battle with the virus itself. Collect floating disks for power-ups and health boosts. Most importantly, try to dodge the laser beams. At the end of each level, our little IT guy even does a victory dance. How cute is that? Office Chaos is available at iTunes for $0.99  

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