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RAMPage Soccer Is Anything But A Game Of Soccer

RAMPage Soccer Is Anything But A Game Of Soccer

July 23, 2011
RAMPage Soccer by Ruma Studios iconRAMPage Soccer ($2.99) by Ruma Studios is an iPad-only game that is not like soccer at all. There is a green field, a goalpost on either side of said field, and soccer balls, but that is where the similarities end. This is more akin to a game of foosball than anything else. No matter what you liken it to, there is no end to the fun you will have.  
RAMPage Soccer by Ruma Studios screenshotYou can play against the computer, or against your friend in two-player mode. This is not a pass and play or local Wi-Fi two player game. You and your opponent play against each other right on the same iPad, which you can promptly tear from their hands if they start to beat you. There are two different game modes; Classic or Penalty Shootout. In classic you swipe your finger across the bottom of your screen and as a barrage of balls roll onto the field. There is one black and white soccer ball, and your team’s color against the opposing teams color. Your onslaught of balls will try to knock the main ball into the opposite goalpost, winning you a point. The other team will be doing the same thing, allowing for at least 30 possible balls to be on the field at any one time, it is total chaos. There are three different levels of difficulty for single player Classic mode, Slow ‘n’ Easy, Normal and RAMPage! In Penalty Shootout, the main ball gets shot at your goalpost and you get one ball at a time to try to stop it from making it in. The key to this game is timing. If you block too soon, you may send the ball rebounding back into your goalpost. If you block too late, you may miss it altogether.  
Overall, this game is action packed and exciting. You’ll never get sick of the gameplay because every game is a challenge. You can play in two player mode and watch your friend squirm as you score points due to their weak skills. At only $2.99, RAMPage Soccer is priced just right.

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