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Scare And Shock Unsuspecting Friends With ScreamIt

Scare And Shock Unsuspecting Friends With ScreamIt

July 26, 2011
Remember when there were crazy pranks all over the Web that would have you play a game, or look at an image, only to have a screaming figure pop up and scare you? Well, the iPhone also has an app that does this, and it is called ScreamIt. The advantage of this app over the other outdated Web pranks is that it works on those who may try to tinker with, or grab your iPhone (without your permission). The last update also added some great features for those of you who may want a customized sound effect and image that will pop up and scare your victim. You can now record your own sound or take your own picture and add it into the effect. The app even works if your iPhone is asleep. Here is how it works (taken from app description):
  1. Pick the image and sound you want to pop up
  2. Turn up the sound on your iPhone
  3. Tap the Start button
  4. You will have 5 seconds to position your phone as the screen goes black
  5. When an unsuspecting person picks it up or moves it... they'll be in for a surprise! When the phone detects motion, a scary face appears accompanied by a piercing scream and vibrations -- or you can use your any of your own sounds or pictures!
The other great thing about the app is how you can make it as loud as you want. If you want to truly scare your unsuspecting victim, you can hook up your iPhone to an external speaker. You do this through the headphone jack and the app will work with the external speaker. Check out ScreamIt for iPhone on the App Store at a cost of only $.99.

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