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Skill Game Challenges Everyone

Skill Game Challenges Everyone

July 14, 2011
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Skill Game ($0.99) by Good Apps UG is a remarkably challenging connect-the-dots style game for iDevices. It is suitable for all ages and will provide hours of entertainment to anyone.

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The object of the game is to connect all the dots in numerical order. Unlike the traditional connect-the-dots, Skill Game does not make a picture. Instead it is a challenge to just complete the puzzle. Connecting the dots is simple, just tap on the last number, and drag the line to the following number. The challenge is to connect the dots without touching any of the existing lines or running off the page. It sounds easy but it is really quite challenging. Dots are connected one at a time, so players can break between dots and figure out where to draw their line. If players remove their finger from the screen before two dots are connected, the line is lost and must be redrawn. To help players, there is a magnifying glass in the top left corner that shows you where your cursor is (when it is covered by your finger). It is very helpful in drawing lines between existing ones and navigating around obstacles.

There are a variety of levels at different difficulties. Some are simple pieces of paper, other have holes or lines that must be avoided. Based on the level of difficulty, there are more or less numbers on the screen. Numbers vary generally from about ten to forty.

A unique feature is the adaptable mode. This game setting progressively changes the difficulty level as you complete levels. Players can play on the adaptable difficulty mode or choose the difficulty through the random or constant options in the game settings. As the game is played, the level is displayed below the magnifying glass. Different achievements can be unlocked through the adaptable mode, and can be shared through GameCenter.

There are two game variations. The classic mode displays all the numbers from the start so players can create a plan to complete the puzzle. The mania mode only shows two numbers at a time. As a connection is made another number is displayed on the screen. Both of these modes are tough, but the mania mode is a little bit more intense and is designed for experts.

Skill Game is an entertaining puzzle game. Players must really think to solve each puzzle. This stimulation is rare in games that come with such simple controls. Although Skill Game is hard it is not too hard, so it keeps players entertained. As with all games nowadays, there is a cheat pen called the Magic Pen which allows users to draw through existing lines. But it does cost an additional $0.99.

Overall, I highly recommend Skill Game to anyone who likes puzzles. It is easy to learn and entertaining for hours. Be sure to check it out in the App Store.

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