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SpyLight Arrives, The First App That Allows You To Send And Receive Morse Code

Squeaky Software has announced the release of its first iOS app, SpyLight - Morse Code fun! The app is a torch-based utlity for the iPhone 4 to send and receive Morse Code. Best of all, you don't need to actually know Morse Code to use it! Available for $.99, the app is mainly a night application, but it does work at short distances in daylight. It allows you to communicate with others from up to 200 meters away. To use SpyLight, simply type in a message on the app’s future-looking interface and hit the send button. Your iDevice will automatically begin sending Morse Code using the flash. Those using another iPhone 4 with the same app will automatically receive your message converted to text. The code button allows you to send secret messages as long as the person receiving the message is using the same code. Others will just get the message as random data. Note: Code 0 is normal morse code. [caption id="attachment_211842" align="aligncenter" width="490" caption="SpyLight - Morse Code fun!"]Spylight[/caption] SpyLight - Morse Code fun! is a fun and functional app for adults and children alike. Sure, it might be easier to send someone a simple text message, but this way is so much cooler! Get it today in the App Store.
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