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TaskRabbit Hops Into App Store

TaskRabbit Hops Into App Store

July 28, 2011
TaskRabbit has arrived for the iPhone/iPod touch. Like the service itself, the app connects people that have work that needs done with those that can help. Current available in Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Orange County, California and New York City, TaskRabbit makes it easy for users to post simple tasks that need done in an urban environment. Sample tasks include picking up someone’s laundry, standing in line at the DMV, or helping an elderly man with his groceries. Best of all, each TaskRabbit is properly vetted through an interview process that includes a background check and online training program. The TaskRabbit app includes a simple-to-use interface for both posters and TaskRabbits a like. Posters use a spinning carousel to choose from task categories. These include Courier, Groceries, Laundry, Cleaning, Tutor, and More. From there, the app recommends how much you should pay for the task. Soon, a TaskRabbit accepts your price and hops to your task. Key Features of the TaskRabbit App Include:
  • Photos and voice recordings as Task descriptions -- provide all the detailed instructions or information needed to get the job well done … without typing a word.
  • Real-time map to easily specify Task locations.
  • Spinning carousel to easily select a common Task like grocery shopping, or house cleaning.
  • Handy guide that helps you accurately and quickly price a Task based on other Tasks in the system.
  • Informative logged-out experience -- gives you an opportunity to learn about the service before committing. Check out Task activity in your area on a map and learn how the service works before creating your own account.
TaskRabbit looks like a terrific service and one that just got cooler with the new TaskRabbit app. Check it out today in the App Store.

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