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The Best iPad Apps Of The Week

The Best iPad Apps Of The Week

July 3, 2011
The AppAdvice iPad App Of The Week: James Pond in the Deathly Shallows, $.99 & Universal, Released June 30 James Pond In The Deathly Shallows Hits The App Store A classic platformer has made a come back. James Pond is now available on the App Store in the form of James Pond in the Deathly Shallows. Unlike previous entries in the series, for various classical consoles like the Atari ST, the game isn't a traditional platformer. It is an underwater shooter that has you exploring the depths of the sea. This seems like a strange way for a legend to make a return after not having a game out for quite some time. James Pond was a gaming mascot of the early 90s in much the same way Mario and Sonic were. Despite the differences from the classic games, this release looks quite promising. The colors and visuals look very pleasing to the eye. Enemies range from various sea creatures like starfish, barracuda and jellyfish, according to the app description. There will also be pollution to deal with, and a bubble-gun at your disposal to take out enemies. New Releases World of Oil HD, Free, Released June 27 World Of Oil HD: New Puzzle Title Hits The iPad If you enjoy simple yet addictive puzzle games like World of Goo and Feed Me Oil, you may enjoy the latest addition to this genre called World of Oil HD. The game has recently been released for iPad and judging by the name, the developers aren't trying to hide its inspiration. According to PocketGamer, the game actually has Pipe Mania gameplay despite the references to the other titles. "World of Oil for iOS sounds like World of Goo, looks like Feed Me Oil, plays like Pipe Mania," PocketGamer states. Great Maine Food, $4.99, Released June 29 Great Maine Food Offers Comprehensive Culinary Info On The iPad A new recipe and cooking app has hit the iPad and it offers details about cuisine from Maine. The name of the app is Great Maine Food. Maine is a coastal state and many of these dishes reflect that. If you enjoy seafood dishes such as lobster ravioli or a scallop salad, this app is definitely worth looking into. Updated fring, Free & Universal, Updated June 27 Fring Becomes First App To Bring Group Video-Calling To The iPad The popular VoIP iOS application for the iPhone/iPod touch, fring, is now available for the iPad. The app, which is free in the App Store, is now universal. Created by fringland Ltd., this handy app allows you to make voice and video calls to other users of the application. Furthermore, fring also works as an IM client, and can connect with Facebook, MSN Messenger, GTalk, and many other services. Thanks to its Version update, the app now becomes the first group video-calling app for the iPad. Best of all, it works via Wi-Fi and 3G. Adobe Photoshop Express, Free & Universal, Updated June 30 Adobe Photoshop Express Gets An Update: Adds Support For iPad 2 Adobe Photoshop Express has recently received an update, adding support for the iPad 2's camera. While Apple's second generation iPad might not boast the best rear-facing camera in town, some people are using it. Now, Adobe's popular universal app has received an update that adds support for the iPad 2, meaning iPad owners can snap images from within the app, edit them and upload them to the Web. Besides support for the iPad 2, the update (version 2.0.2) also hides camera features that users haven't alreadypurchased in-app, which is a handy improvement. Bugsy Pre-K, $1.99 & Universal, Updated June 30 Bugsy Gets A Big Update And Is Better Than Ever Bugsy Pre-K by Peapod Labs LLC stars just about the cutest hamster you'll ever meet and he's on a mission to make learning fun for your preschool aged child. He certainly charmed my preschooler in 3 seconds flat and she can't get enough of learning with Bugsy. This wonderful little edutainment app is centered around an adorable Hamster named Bugsy. He lives in a room that, at first, doesn't have many toys. It's up to your child to answer questions correctly and earn new toys for Bugsy to play with.   The Best iPad Apps Of The Week is published each weekend; a companion piece, The Best iPhone Apps Of The Week, is published separately.

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