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The Jambox Provides A Fantastic Outdoor Musical Experience

The Jambox Provides A Fantastic Outdoor Musical Experience

July 12, 2011
If you haven’t heard by now, the Jambox is a great way to bring music with you so others can enjoy it too. It’s not always about having the latest release; it’s about having the best. We'd like to remind our readers that Jambox is a device that produces amazing sound from a tiny little box. From the makers of Jawbone, one of the best selling Bluetooth headsets, the Jambox comes in several colors and has a sound that will rock your beach party and the one next door. The handheld device is about 6 inches long, less than 2 inches high and weighs under a pound. Imagine for a minute it’s a bright summer day and you are looking forward to a relaxing afternoon at the beach. You pack your towel, swimsuit, sunscreen, shades, volleyball, a cooler full of your favorite beverages and head off for a day of fun and vitamin D absorption. Once you arrive, your friends begin to trickle in and gather around. Your best friend pulls out the little hand held device, plugs in an iPod and voila, your group is the music envy of all the other beach goers.  

The tiny speaker has an output level of 85 decibels, making the Jambox pretty loud for the beach. The device contains two high-powered acoustic drivers and an ultra-small dome, which provide a rich sound with excellent high and low frequencies. The Jambox connects wirelessly via Bluetooth or with a 3.5mm jack. It can be used for conference calls, movies, gaming and more. The battery life is a stunning 10 hours and it charges using a micro USB connector. You will experience rich sound that you can literally hear and feel. The Jambox retails for $199. They are not the cheapest speakers on the market, but the user reviews have been very positive. We have included the promotional video for the Jambox (embedded below), so you can watch it in action. If you have used or seen the Jambox, let us know what you think by leaving a comment!

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