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Use Your iPad 2 Camera In: Two Worlds 2 Castle Defense HD

Use Your iPad 2 Camera In: Two Worlds 2 Castle Defense HD

July 26, 2011
The latest update to the fantasy-based castle defense title, Two Worlds 2 Castle Defense HD, adds a very interesting and innovative feature for the iPad 2. Now you can use your iPad 2's camera in the game to track the movements of your head and add a virtual reality element to the gameplay. The update brings the title to version 1.2. According to Joystiq, the camera angle changes and reacts to your movements in relation to the screen. "Basically, the announcement says you can look around corners," Joystiq describes, reporting on the press release. Will this open up future iPad 2 games to exploring the 3D and virtual reality realm? The Nintendo 3DS has glasses-free 3D, but not head tracking. Head tracking has pretty much stayed exclusive to a niche audience of PC gamers until now. With head tracking being explored, will glasses-free 3D start making an appearance on iPad games? Possibly, according to some recent rumors. Maybe the next iPad will be the ultimate portable gaming platform for the VR crowd wanting the ultimate immersion.

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