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A Chance To Win A Barjees (Universal) Promo Code With A Retweet Or Comment

A Chance To Win A Barjees (Universal) Promo Code With A Retweet Or Comment

August 22, 2011
AppAdvice has teamed up with Kareem Daker in order to offer you a chance to win one of eight promo codes for Barjees ($2.99) for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Barjees is a Middle Eastern board game that's similar to Parcheesi and Ludo. Instead of rolling dice, however, you'll be throwing cowry shells for the chance to move your pieces around the board. But just like those previously mentioned board games, the ultimate goal is to get all of your pieces into the final square before your opponent. In Barjees, each player takes turns throwing six cowry shells in order to move pieces. Each shell has two faces: one zig zag and one smooth. Shells that land on the zig zag side generally award you with a one step move while the smooth faces generally mean nothing. I say generally simply because different combinations can award you with different amounts of steps and possibly even re-throws and a Khal, which is considered an entry move from your home base, or you can use it as a one step move. For example, a throw with a single zig zag shell will award you with 10 steps, a Khal, and a re-throw whereas a throw with two zig zag shells will simply allow you to move two squares. All types of throws are clearly outlined in the game's "Help" section. Moving pieces is as simple as tapping and dragging them to available squares, which will be highlighted in green. As you move your pieces around the board, you'll come across some of your opponent's pieces and squares marked with an "X". You can capture or kill an opponent's piece by landing on it as long as it's not in a "X" square since they are considered safe spots. Barjees includes a single-player mode that allows you to go head-to-head against the computer, and a two-player mode that allows you to take on a friend on the same device. It also includes two difficulty levels, two game speeds, and a two-player table mode. To have a chance at winning one of three Barjees promo codes, simply hit that blue tweet button near the bottom of this page or retweet this post from your favorite Twitter app before 11:59 PM PDT tonight (August 22nd). We will then search the Twitterverse for all of the retweets and randomly choose our lucky winners. The winners will be notified via Twitter, so please be sure to follow us so we can send you your promo code via a direct message. Non-Twitter users and those of you who want to increase your odds of winning can simply leave a relevant comment below before 11:59 PM PDT tonight to have a chance at winning one of the other five promo codes. Feel free to participate in the giveaway via either or both methods. Only one entry per person per method is allowed, totaling up to two entries per person if using both.

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