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A Game With Balls, A Simple Yet Exciting Arcade Game

A Game With Balls, A Simple Yet Exciting Arcade Game

August 7, 2011
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A Game With Balls ($0.99) by Edward DiNola is an arcade-style game where you must use bank shots and physics to avoid a collision with a barrage of objects.

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The goal of the game is to use a cannon to shoot balls at balls that are falling from the sky. You are not trying to destroy them, you are merely pushing them away so that they do not crash into you. Shooting head-on will not move them. They will slow down, but their course will remain steady until you hit them at the right angle to send them to the side. Be careful, though. You may accidently cause one ball to bank off of another and back into you. You will also run out of bullets, but they do replenish. You will want to time your shots accordingly so that you are not left with an empty cannon when the chaos begins.

There are four different levels that you can only unlock when you have enough points. The game is challenging and it is difficult to earn a lot of points, but fear not, they are cumulative. Even if you die after 30 seconds, you will still earn points. Each level has similar play, but looks and sounds completely different. There are three different levels of difficulty, so once you get the hang of it, you can challenge yourself further with the insane mode.

A Game With Balls has Game Center integration with 20 achievements, such as fire over 10,000 bullets, or survive for five minutes in hard mode. It is also OpenFeint, Facebook and Twitter enabled for a true social media experience.

Overall, this game is fun and challenging with hours of replay value. The levels only end when you die. You can impress your friends and humiliate your Game Center foes by completing all of the achievements. At only $0.99, you are getting a great game at a great price.

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