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Apple's New Campus Might Be The Home Of The iPhone ... 9?

Apple's New Campus Might Be The Home Of The iPhone ... 9?

August 19, 2011
Apple is preparing for a reboot! The Cupertino company known for putting time into the aesthetic nature of their products is planning a massive design for their new Silicon Valley campus. Bigger than the U.S. Pentagon massive! Steve Jobs sent the design renderings to the Cupertino City Council back in June and they were approved. Apple is preparing for construction and we are now getting a glimpse into their soon to come mother ship. Mind you, it looks like a fancy saucer ... with an Apple logo on the front. Apple promises that the new campus will be a, “distinctive and inspiring 21st century workplace.” This might also be the home of the future iPhone models. Well, in 2015 of course, when construction should be finished. The best part of the new campus is the added space. Currently, Apple's campus can only hold 3,000 employees whereas they have over 4,300. Right now, they squeeze the overflow into rented extra space, but the new Cupertino 2.0 will have space for up to 13,000 employees. That means your chances of getting hired by the biggest company in the world have gone up by two percent. The other best part is that Apple will be able to hold their famous media events on campus instead of constantly renting out space to accommodate the thousands that come! "Apple Campus 2” Details
  • 2.8 million square feet in size
  • a central power plant
  • associated parking
  • can accommodate 13,000 employees
  • a corporate auditorium that seats 1,000
  • will offer 300,000 square feet for R&D
  • a corporate fitness center
  • a cafeteria that seats 3,000

Does it remind you of the U.S. Pentagon with the hollow center? It's actually much bigger. Maybe it should be called  ... "The Circle." (via Cupertino Blog)

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