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Best Buy Selling iPhone 3GS For Free Today, With A Contract

Best Buy Selling iPhone 3GS For Free Today, With A Contract

August 22, 2011
The words iPhone and free are rarely found in the same sentence. However, Best Buy is making such a sentence possible by preparing to offer 8GB iPhone 3GS handsets for free, but with a two year contract. The deal is only valid in Best Buy or Best Buy Mobile stores for new customers or those who are eligible for an upgrade. With 256MB of RAM, a 600MHz CPU, 3-MP camera and video camera, and a 480×320 pixel display, this isn't an iPhone 4 but it still is an iPhone.

Now, is this deal solely for the purpose of ushering in the iPhone 5? Or, is this the start to the rumor that Apple is getting ready to target new markets? Whether it's one or the other, both, or neither, we know Apple will be making big bucks from carriers giving them a cut of your plan. Of course, this is a horrible deal as you'll have to pay for the expensive Voice + Data plan that comes with such a device for an entire two years. Then, the 3GS is already quite old and it comes with no guarantee that you'll be able to properly run iOS 5 on it, nor any other future version of iOS. If you really don't care, go for it, but for just $200 more you could get yourself a great iPhone 4, or even better, wait a few weeks and get yourself the iPhone 5. If you consider how much you'll be paying for it anyway, it's totally worth it. (Via: BestBuy)

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