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Blast Your Enemy Out Of Town With Puzzle Puzzle 2

Blast Your Enemy Out Of Town With Puzzle Puzzle 2

August 11, 2011
Puzzle Puzzle 2 by The Green icon

Puzzle Puzzle 2 ($0.99) by The Green is an arcade-style game that exists in a category all its own. Using tilt controls and touch shooting action, this adorable game of pudding attack will have you hooked from the start.

Puzzle Puzzle 2 by The Green screenshot

Although a sequel to the matching game, Pudding Puzzle, Puzzle Puzzle 2 is nothing like its predecessor. Colorful blocks of enemies drop from the sky, threatening to destroy the town. But, instead of matching three or more blocks of the same color, you must shoot them until they explode. Nothing in the game resembles my American idea of pudding and nothing about the gameplay reminds me of puzzles, but there is fun to be had just the same.

You are a puffy little citizen of a town that is being overrun by slimy, block-shaped monsters, the townsfolk have invented a machine to fight them, and you are tasked with ridding the city of the pudding invaders. Using tilt controls, you fly around, shooting the blocks as they fall from the sky. As they land, they set fires that will shoot back up at you. If the entire town is covered with slime, no fire will escape. The better you are at eliminating the pudding invaders, the greater the chance you have of dying by being blasted by escaping fireballs.

Since the game is controlled by tilting your iDevice, you have the option of adjusting the settings for how you will be holding it while playing. These additional calibrations help you better control your character in any position.

Overall, this game is unique and delightful. It ranks high on the adorable scale, but has a reasonable dose of action so you are not left bored after a few minutes. At only $0.99 you will have spent your money well if you download this game

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