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Calc Pro Comes To The iPad

Calc Pro HD - The Top Mobile Calculator by Panoramic Software Inc. icon

Calc Pro HD - The Top Mobile Calculator ($7.99) by Panoramic Software Inc. is a serious piece of computing equipment. As calculator apps go, this may just be the only one you will ever need. With 10 different calculator types, unit conversions, and world date and time features, it will save you time and money on multiple purchases. Originally released as an iPhone/iPod touch app, it is now available as an HD quality iPad app.

Calc Pro HD - The Top Mobile Calculator by Panoramic Software Inc. screenshot

It has been years since I have needed a scientific or financial calculator, but I do, regularly, need to convert units and know what time it is in different zones. I am also always in need of currency conversions for Internet purchases. This app offers all of that, and more. It comes with the following calculators: standard, scientific, base conversion, graphic, unit converter, currency converter, constants, financial (including a mortgage calculator), statistics, and world date and time (with lunar phases).

You can also change the calculator modes between: expression, algebraic, direct algebraic, normal and R.P.N. You can alter the notation between: normal, fixed, scientific, engineering and fractions. Plus, you can alter the tax rate, R.P.N. and various financial features. You can even change the color and button style.

I paid $20 for my scientific calculator in college, and have spent a few dollars here and there on unit converter apps, lunar phase apps and currency apps. Not to mention how many calculators I have purchased in my lifetime. The iPad does not come with a native calculator, and until now, I have never downloaded one. It was worth the wait for this perfect app.

Not only does this iPad-only app work great as a calculator, but it also replaces some utility and entertainment apps that are taking up precious space on my tablet. The premium price of $7.99 may seem steep to some, but believe me, it is worth it if you are a college student or if you are a math nerd.

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Calc Pro Comes To The iPad

Calc Pro Comes To The iPad