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Carry Loyalty Cards On Your iPhone With Stampt

Carry Loyalty Cards On Your iPhone With Stampt

August 9, 2011
Is the number of loyalty cards you carry around daily a hassle? Do you forget which ones you can redeem during the day? If so, there is an iPhone app that can remedy your situation. The app is called Stampt and it offers you a way to put loyalty cards into your iPhone digitally. What are loyalty cards? They are cards with coupons such as "buy 10, get one free" that reward you for shopping or choosing particular retailers. They reward you for buying that merchant's products or services for an extended period of time. Think of the Peets Coffee summer deal (which recently ended here in California) on cold drinks like iced coffee. You were given a reward card that was stamped every time you visited the shop and after buying several drinks, you got one for free. According to the app description, the recently released app is supported by hundreds of retailers throughout: San Francisco, Chicago, Cincinnati, and New York. Examples of some of the rewards you can earn with the app include: sandwiches, coffee, pizza, salon treatments, yoga classes, frozen yogurt, donuts, car washes, bagels, and candy. To use this app, you tap on an icon that reads "nearby" and it will show you supported offers available from local businesses. When you find an offer you want to take advantage of, just aim the app at the "Stampt Quick Scan Card" device near the cashier after you make a purchase. The big draw of this app is the ability to put these cards all in one digital format; without having to carry them around in your purse or wallet. Stampt -- Loyalty Cards is currently available on the App Store for free.

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