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Catch Your Favorite Podcasts With iCatcher (A Podcast Catcher App)

Catch Your Favorite Podcasts With iCatcher (A Podcast Catcher App)

August 23, 2011
iCatcher! (a podcast catcher app) by icon

iCatcher! (a podcast catcher app) ($1.99) by is a universal podcast organizer that takes the medium to new levels. With tons of in-app features, this is a must-have app for podcast fans.

iCatcher! (a podcast catcher app) by screenshot

If you love podcasts and have a library full of them, you will want to check this app out. You can keep track of subscriptions, download new episodes by specific days, instead of having to download a massive number of them all at once, and even prioritize your favorites, all in one convenient place.

You can add podcasts by searching for them by name, keyword or author. You can also add them straight from the Internet if you listen to any that are not yet Apple approved, by adding a link to the RSS feed from within the app. You can also add them by searching the Internet and adding the RSS feed link when you find it.

Once you have added as many podcasts as you desire, you can organize them by airdate or categorize them by searching keywords in your podcast listing. You can also play them back at slower or faster speeds, skip ahead 30 seconds and fast forward up to 10x faster if you need to skip through boring sections of an episode.

Overall, this app is absolutely fabulous for big time podcast listeners. If you are a part-time collector, or only listen to a handful of podcasts, this app may seem unnecessary. But if you subscribe to 20 or more podcasts, and are looking for a way to conveniently organize your library, at only $1.99, this is a great app. It is now universal and works great on both the iPhone and iPad.

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iCatcher! (a podcast catcher app)
iCatcher! (a podcast catcher app)

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