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Cubes Vs. Spheres Mixes Physics-Based Puzzle Gaming With Tower Defense

Cubes Vs. Spheres Mixes Physics-Based Puzzle Gaming With Tower Defense

August 31, 2011
Cubes vs. Spheres received a minor update today, to version 1.1, that added a new device orientation option. The game is a physics puzzler with a bit of tower defense gameplay thrown in. The action takes place on 3D battlefields and revolves around you stopping waves of advancing cubes with the spheres at your disposal. You will need to flick your finger in order to send the spheres into the advancing cubes. The app offers innovative gameplay, a great art style with colorful visuals, and an intensive combo system. Other highlights of the game include various particle effects and a large number of enemies appearing on the screen at once. There are six unique spheres with different abilities for you to utilize in the game. Some of these abilities include freezing the incoming cubes, while others explode or squash them. Here is a list of the game's various features (taken from the app description):
  • 6 unique upgrades, each with their own strategic advantages
  • Awesome chain reactions for big points and big explosions
  • Simple swipe and tilt controls
  • "The cubes are alive!" - Innovative enemy movement makes each play-through different
  • Game Center support with Leaderboards, integrated ranking display and 37 Achievements
  • Beautiful stylized, anti-aliased 3D graphics
  • A true physics game, where every explosion has an equal and opposite explosion
The game should appeal to anyone looking for something unique in the vein of a 3D puzzler or tower defense game. It is also available as a universal app so all iDevice owners can enjoy it. Cubes vs. Spheres is available on the App Store for only $0.99.

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