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Early Bird HD Gets The Worm In This Physics-Based Game

Early Bird HD Gets The Worm In This Physics-Based Game

August 30, 2011
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Early Bird HD ($1.99) by Booyah, Inc. is a bird themed, physics-based game that will provide hours of fun. This iPad-only app is loaded with 72 levels and plenty of replay value.

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In Early Bird HD, your goal is to get the worm with the fewest swipes possible. To do so, you must swipe your fingers across your iPad’s screen at certain angles and speeds in order to launch your hungry little blue bird at the bullseye. If you land on the red and white pad, your birdie gets the worm. The closer to the center of the pad you can get, the higher your score.

You have a limited number of swipes on each level. Sometimes you must get to your destination within three swipes, sometimes you have five. The fewer swipes needed to get the worm, the more stars you will earn. You can also swipe while your bird is in midair for higher flight capability. But you have to be careful not to overshoot. If you pass the bullseye, you will have to swipe your way backward.

As physics-based games go, this iPad-only app is on par with the good ones. It is cute, has great quality graphics, offers plenty of levels that get increasingly more difficult to beat and has pleasant sound effects and background music. It is priced right at only $1.99 and offers high replay value because you can earn more stars and points as you improve your technique. It is a great download for fans of physics-based games.

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