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European Court Bans Samsung Smartphones

European Court Bans Samsung Smartphones

August 24, 2011
It appears that Apple is as good a player in court as they are in the consumer electronics marketplace. As reported by FOSSpatents, Apple won a primary injunction against Samsung this morning in the Netherlands, banning them from selling the Galaxy smartphone in all of Europe. FOSSpatents stated:
In all likelihood, the winning patent is infringed by Android itself -- not the operating system per se, but by one or more of the applications that ship with Android and without which the usefulness of Android would be impaired in one particular area (photo viewing).

As we reported yesterday, Samsung didn't stand much of a chance. The judge's ruling requires a ban of Samsung's smartphones including the Samsung Galaxy S, Galaxy S II, and Ace phones, but not its tablets this time. The injunction will take effect in every European country where Apple's patent is valid as of October 13, which is pretty much everywhere. While we're not sure if this is really the way we want to see Apple compete, they do deserve credit for their inventions. Also, the timing is great for Apple as we're expecting the iPhone 5 to hit the world just around that time. How do you feel about this? (Via: FossPatents)

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