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Fight Waves Of Goblins With GoblinGun

August 17, 2011
GoblinGun by Adwizer Games Inc icon

GoblinGun ($0.99) by Adwizer Games Inc is an iPhone/iPod touch tower defense game that pits your arrows and cannons against an army of goblins, spiders and ghostly apparitions. Grab your gun and bring in the cat because waves of fantasy creatures are headed your way.

GoblinGun by Adwizer Games Inc screenshot

As tower defense games go, this one is very typical. You earn coins by killing the enemy. As you gain more coins, you can buy more weapons, or upgrade ones you already have. The bad guys come at you in waves, following along a path. You must place your weapons along that path and they will automatically fire as your enemies approach. If you position your weapons carefully, you will stop your enemies before they even make it to your tower.

GoblinGun offers eight different maps and four environments. There are 18 varieties of monsters, some are faster, some can fly, and some are extra strong. You can play in either campaign mode, where you unlock new levels as you go, or survival mode, where your goal is to stay alive as long as you can. You also have the option of three levels of difficulty, easy, medium or hard.

Although this iPhone/iPod touch game really isn’t any different than most tower defense games, it is just as fun and addictive as any other. If you feel like the gameplay is not challenging enough, just increase the difficulty. The environments are always changing and the monsters are exciting. For only $0.99, fans of tower defense should add this to their game folder.

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