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Halftone App Available This Weekend For Free

Halftone App Available This Weekend For Free

August 5, 2011
Halftone, the popular photo app, is available this weekend only for absolutely free. The app, which went universal in June, makes it easy to add paper styles and stamps to photographs on your iPhone/iPod touch and iPad. Created by Juicy Bits, Halftone was highly praised by our own A.T. Faust earlier this year. He stated:
Indeed, Halftone remains one of my favorite photography apps on iOS, and there’s not another product out there with its unique array of retro-inspired, fun features and filters.
Last updated in July, Halftone now includes:
  • Added "Image Cropping" switch to Settings (user request - accessed from Settings app)
  • Expanded touch area for balloon tail (huge user request)
  • Stability improvements
Halftone is available now in the App Store.

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