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Mix Drinks In Style With The Cocktail App

Mix Drinks In Style With The Cocktail App

August 9, 2011
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The Cocktail App ($1.99) by Moritz von Volkmann is a cocktail making how-to app that mixes together two parts information and five parts style. The high quality drink renderings and cool user interface makes this a must-have for cocktail parties and soirées everywhere.

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Based on the fancy cocktail chart by Konstantin Datz, this app offers ingredients and instructions for how to make 35 of the most popular mixed drinks, including the White Russian and Tequila Sunrise.

Each drink is rendered in a hyper-realist art style with just a touch of illustration in the details, making the drinks look absolutely fabulous and mouth-wateringly irresistible. Just below each image is the story of the drink’s origin, followed by the ingredients. Each ingredient has its own page, listing interesting trivia facts about them. For example, the first documented production of vodka was in Russia in the late ninth century. In addition to the ingredients, each drink has step by step instructions on how to create the perfect cocktail, including how to mix ingredients and whether to pour them over ice before or after mixing.

There are 35 cocktails, information on 19 non-alcoholic ingredients and 26 alcoholic ingredients, a how-to guide and a summary of mixing proportions. You can even add drinks to your favorites list for easy access.

Overall, this app is stunning and clever, capturing the cocktail culture perfectly. The directions are easy to understand and the trivia will make any drink mixer look like a true aficionado. The app will cost you $1.99, which is an absolute steal when you consider that the poster it is fashioned after will cost you $35.

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