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MySaver: Protection For Your iDevice Cables

Apple makes terrific products as most of our readers already know. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the cables that come with the company’s iDevices. In fact, some would say these rather essential items needed for charging are cheaply made and wear out quickly.Now, MySaver is here, a new product that adds life to the cables we all use with our iPhone/iPod touch and iPad. Available through KickStarter, MySavers are made of flexible silicone and come in five colors including metallic silver, green, pink, orange, and blue. The inventor of MySavers, Thomas Lehman, is seeking $15,000 in initial funding to get his product to the assembly line. With 48 days to go, he has raised nearly $9,000. A pledge of $8 or more guarantees you one (1) MySaver DIY cable protector kit in your favorite color. Once available to the public, these will sell for $10.99. The DIY kit DOES NOT come with a replacement set of charging cables. For a pledge of $19 or more, you’ll receive the Essential MySaver: Pro, which includes the protection kit and actual OEM grade replacement dock connector to USB cable. These will eventually retail for $24.99. Take a look at this video:

Interesting product, don’t you think? Now, perhaps the days of fraying cables could become a thing of the past.