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Namco Updates An Old Classic For iPhone Gamers

Namco Updates An Old Classic For iPhone Gamers

August 19, 2011
Namco has updated their classic top-down racer, called Rally-X, and released the game for iPhone as Rally-X Rumble. The game offers improved visuals and additional gameplay elements from the 1980 arcade version. Rally-X and the latest iOS Rally-X Rumble offer vehicular maze-like gameplay set in a labyrinth of various sharp turns. In the original title, players would simply collect flags and avoid enemy vehicles in frantic and fast-paced courses. The iOS reboot offers four different game modes. They include "RALLY-X CLASSIC," "RALLY-X S," "POINT BATTLE," and "PAINT THE TOWN." here is what they consist of (via app description):
NEW RALLY-X CLASSIC The original NEW RALLY-X with updated graphics. NEW-RALLY-X S A 2-minute score attack game of NEW RALLY-X. POINT BATTLE One player becomes the target that the others pursue, all the while racing for flags and points. PAINT THE TOWN Roads change color as cars pass over them, and the player who paints the most road wins.
The game also offers online multiplayer via Game Center. The graphics have been totally redone as well, with a neon lights style of visuals made popular by Tron. You can currently grab Rally-X Rumble on the App Store for only $.99.

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