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New App Turns A Simple Snapshot Into A Short Video Of Your Life

New App Turns A Simple Snapshot Into A Short Video Of Your Life

August 5, 2011
Between a photograph and video is something called a GLMPS. At least that’s what the team behind the new GLMPS service is hoping we’ll all be calling the five-second window taken moments before the snap of a photograph. A new iPhone/iPod touch app that captures these moments just arrived in the App Store. The GLMPS app hopes to succeed where others have failed. In particular, GLMPS will remind many of, Twitter’s failed social experiment that went offline late last year. Path offers a similar service, which remains online. In this case, GLMPS lets users snap a photo, which is then uploaded to their servers (along with the five second of video taken before the photo was taken). These video clips can then be uploaded to share with family and friends via Facebook or Twitter. Features include:
  • No need to create a new account, simply sign in with a Facebook or Twitter account
  • Full front & back camera support (on iPhone 4)
  • Every photo snapped in the app is also stored in your camera roll
  • Share in real-time on Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, through email or via SMS
  • Send as a blog post to Tumblr
  • Get caught up on your feed quickly using the grid view
  • Find and follow friends by searching people you're connected to on Facebook and Twitter
  • Stay in touch by liking, commenting or sending a video response
  • Notifications make sure you stay in the loop
  • Every glmps has a unique embed code that can be used anywhere on the web just like a YouTube video
  • Unlimited uploads
  • Works with iPhone 3GS, 4 or iPod Touch running iOS 4.0 or above. There are known issues with iOS 5.0 but we're working on solving them.
It will be interesting to see how GLMPS catches on with the masses. Download it today in the App Store.

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