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Play Realistic Looking Pinball With Real Pinball HD - Vampire

Play Realistic Looking Pinball With Real Pinball HD - Vampire

August 30, 2011
Real Pinball HD - Vampire by ASK Homework icon

Real Pinball HD - Vampire ($1.99) by ASK Homework is an iPad-only, high-quality HD pinball game that takes the concept of visual realism to a whole new level. Complete with smudges on the tabletop glass and reflections from the stainless steel ball, you’ve never seen pinball look so real.

Real Pinball HD - Vampire by ASK Homework screenshot

The graphics are what sets this game apart from others. Every minute detail is incorporated into the look of the game. There are dirt smudges across the table top, chipped paint along the sides and the stainless steel ball reflects images from the table surroundings. There are five different camera angles, including follow-the-ball and tabletop view. You can change the volume of the sound effects and background music separately.

With this game, ASK Homework added a few interesting features that will entice casual gamers and revolt pinball purists. You can rewind your game, that is, go back in time to redo the move that may have caused you to lose a ball. If you see your shiny little sphere roll past your flippers and into the abyss, you can tap the rewind button and it will backtrack a few seconds, giving you a second chance. Each time you use it, the clock resets and you have to wait to use it again. It can be a real game changer for some players. However, pinball is not something to be taken lightly and hardcore fans of the game, even a digital version, will consider this a cheat, taking away the realism that ASK Homework has worked so hard to create.

There is also an option to slow the game down. By taping the slow motion button, the game will slow to only a few frames per second, allowing the player to line up a shot more accurately. Again, this is an awesome and clever feature, but a sure way to upset pinball fanatics.

Overall, this iPad-only game, just like Theme Park Pinball, is beautiful, realistic looking and a darn fun game to play. Just on looks alone, it is worth more than the $1.99 price tag. Pinball purists might scoff at the rewind and slow motion features, but they won’t be able to deny the enjoyment they can bring.

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