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Pro-Share, On Sale For A Limited Time

Pro-Share for Facebook, YouTube, Google+/Picasa, Twitter, & Flickr by iApps24 icon

Pro-Share for Facebook, YouTube, Google+/Picasa, Twitter, & Flickr ($0.99) by iApps24 is an iPhone/iPod touch photo-sharing app that lets you easily upload multiple photos to several social networking sites at once. Photo sharing just got easier. Within this single app, you can take pictures and videos, organize groups, comment on pictures and upload photos, all with just a couple of taps. It is also on sale in the App Store for a limited time.

Pro-Share for Facebook, YouTube, Google+/Picasa, Twitter, & Flickr by iApps24 screenshot

There are five different social networking sites compatible with this app: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ (through Picasa), YouTube and Flickr. You can sign into all of them at the same time, or only one or two. Once you are logged into whatever sites you want, you can start uploading. Pro-Share will bring up your iPhone’s camera roll and list your photos by your albums, most recent, and the entire camera roll. Photos and videos are separated by tabs. You can also use the app’s camera feature to take a picture for instant uploading.

If you have ever had a massive number of photos that you wanted to upload to Flickr, but didn’t want to have to send them individually, this app can help. Vacation photos are easily grouped and can be sent with a single tap. Want to show off your new engagement ring to your Facebook friends and your Google+ circles? Just tap the two website’s icons at the top of the app before selecting the photo you want to send.

I had a lot of problems with this app. It never sent anything to Facebook, even though it showed a successful upload. It would not let me send anything to Google+ because it said there was an error loading the albums. I was never able to get the coverflow feature to work. The app would not reorient to landscape mode. I also noticed that videos could not be uploaded to either Flickr or Google+. I swiped across the icons at the top. Those two were not available for videos.

The issues I had may be my own fault for not understanding how to properly set up the app, but buyer beware, you may encounter the same problems I had, turning this multimedia, mass uploading photo app into just a Flickr picture sender.

Overall, the concept of this app is wonderful. If you can get all of the social networking sites to actually work, you will have yourself a real timesaver. Because I came across so many problems with this app, I can’t recommend it. However, since it is on sale for only $0.99, you might think it is worth a try.

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Pro-Share, On Sale For A Limited Time

Pro-Share, On Sale For A Limited Time