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Always Know What Your Coworkers Want To Drink With Two Sugars

Always Know What Your Coworkers Want To Drink With Two Sugars

August 19, 2011
2 Sugars by Edward Symington & Gareth Hughes icon

2 Sugars ($0.99) by Edward Symington & Gareth Hughes is a list maker with one goal in mind: keeping note of your coworkers' drink requests in a quick and easy fashion.

I'm pretty sure we've all gone through it before: you're at work, and someone offers to go for a drink run (quite possibly Starbucks or something along that nature). If it's your turn to do the run, then you want to make it easy to remember what everyone wants, right?

Of course, we can always use paper. But with today's technology, that's no fun. You have your iPhone in your hand, so why not make it work for this task? Now you can, with 2 Sugars.

2 Sugars by Edward Symington & Gareth Hughes screenshot

This is a fairly simple and straightforward app. Once it's opened and past that pretty (but minimal) splash screen, you are on the People screen. Simply tap on the "+" button to add a name.

After a name is added, just tap it and you'll be taken to the drinks screen. From here, you can select if the person wants a tea, coffee, or other. In addition, you can select milk, sugar, or sweetener, depending on the person's preferences.

Of course, with all those fancy drinks out there, you'll have the person that doesn't want a plain tea or coffee. They'll want something like a "venti sugar-free caramel frappuccino with soy milk" or something. Fortunately, you can select Other to add a custom drink.

When you get the drink, simply check it off on the list. Swipe to delete is also supported on the People screen.

2 Sugars by Edward Symington & Gareth Hughes screenshot

That's pretty much all there is to the app. You can add multiple people and change the drinks depending on when you need to change them. If there is no drink selected for a person, the app will just say something like "Something nice" -- so make it a surprise!

While the app is simple and does what it advertises, it doesn't do much more than what you can do with a regular Notes app. It's well designed and simple -- and we know how much I like those things in an app -- but it's not necessary by any means. You could easily get the same results with just writing it down on paper or whatever note-taking app you already use.

However, 2 Sugars does remember your friends' drinks, so if you want that, then give this a try. It's not bad for being priced at $0.99, just not a complete necessity.

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