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This Pig Is Angry And He's Out To Get The Birds In Bird Smash Pro

This Pig Is Angry And He's Out To Get The Birds In Bird Smash Pro

August 3, 2011
Bird Smash Pro by Wasabi Bit icon

Bird Smash Pro ($0.99) by Wasabi Bit is part shooter, part tower defense, and part action game that stars a pig. And, what do you know? This pig is after the birds; he wants them all dead.

When I started playing, all I could do is aim and tap vigorously on the screen, hoping to take the birds out as quickly as possible. I had no clue what exactly I was doing, I just knew I wanted those birds dead. Stat.

And then I said to myself, "Oh, hey! Maybe I should follow the tutorial." Touché, Bird Smash Pro, touché.

Bird Smash Pro by Y. Yoon screenshot

You need to avoid the bird attacks, they do come in waves which is what you have to outlast, similar to tower defense games. But the goal is to defeat as many birds as you can, last the entire level, and get the best score.

You kill the birds, you get eggs. It's that simple, people. Then you take the eggs and barter them for more weaponry so that you can kill more birds. I'm not sure what kind of business accepts eggs in trade for weapons, though. And who would give weapons to a pig anywa -- oh. I see what they did there.

And, although you don't need to do so to succeed, you can always make in-app purchases of more eggs so that you can get more weapons. I always had enough eggs, though, so this is not needed. Unless of course you have the cash burning a hole in your pocket ... and you really, really hate birds.

The graphics and interface are gorgeous. Not to mention, the controls are easy and effective. What's not to like about a "tilt to move" game? Tilt your iDevice to slide your pig from one side of the screen to another. Easy as pie. Or cake. Or tilting.

To choose which weapon you want to slay the birds with, just tap on it from the menu on the left side of your screen. A tiny umber indicates how many uses of that weapon you have left. If you tap one with a zero next to it, you'll be sorely disappointed — and stupid! It had a zero, silly! — as nothing will happen as you helplessly spam your finger on the screen. If you are out of weapons, just enter the shop and purchase more.

Once your weapon is chosen, just tap, tap, tap away on the screen directly on the area you wish to. The "pew, pew, pew!" that constantly spews forth from your fingertips — and your speakers — never gets old.

You can even grab and flick birds away from you and into things, like walls. This is most empowering. Some weather items (e.g. lightning, snow) will show up on screen, along with the other power ups, which you can also flick toward the birds to attack them.

There are scary dragon-like bosses at the end of the levels. Actually, they're like Angry Birds turned Chinese dragon floats. I know, I know: enemies that resemble Angry Birds and dragon slaying, all in one game? It's almost too much to handle.

Bird Smash Pro by Wasabi Bit screenshot

Bird Smash Pro should definitely get Game Center support. That would make it five stars, for me. It does, however, support OpenFeint for achievements and leaderboards.

After playing this for a while, and getting dive-bombed by overly-bloated birds, I now have a new respect for the pigs in Angry Birds.

This game is universal and currently only $0.99 in the App Store. The price will go up to $1.99 at some point, so snag it while you can! It's a fun little action/arcade game with unlimited levels that will surely keep you entertained.

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