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Plan Your Days And Solidify Your Schedule With The Gorgeous And Functional Daily Routine App

Plan Your Days And Solidify Your Schedule With The Gorgeous And Functional Daily Routine App

August 15, 2011
Daily Routine by Jaysen Marais icon

Daily Routine ($2.99) by Jaysen Marais is an app to help you get your routine down, from daily to weekly, and to organizing your life in general. This app is both beautiful in design and practical in use.

I'm not going to lie. As soon as I opened this application, read the instructions, and was greeted by the brightly-colored ribbons, I was hypnotized. I literally sat there for about 10 minutes just scrolling through the example routine on the main screen. This design, and animation, are definitely worth noting.

Daily Routine by Jaysen Marais screenshot

Each routine is the group of tasks for the day. You can set up as many or as few routines as you would like. Make your routines as general as you want (work, eat, sleep) or as specific as you want for a certain day (coffee with Karen, buy groceries, go to concert).

Once you create a routine, you'll want to add timeslots. These are the tasks or things you will do for this day. If you need to, you can split the timeslots up.

The many options to customize this app are amazing. From colors to icons — and trust me, there are a lot of icons — to naming your different routines and timeslots. The interface is gorgeous and I love being able to tweak practically everything.

In calendar view, you can assign your routines to certain days. You can set the routines up to occur on whichever days you want and even make them repeat. For example, I work more during the week than on the weekend — which is usually more reserved for relaxing or playing — so I set up my routines accordingly.

I set my general weekday routine up to reoccur Monday through Friday of every week, whereas, my other routine consists of just Saturday and Sunday and is more lax.

You can export your routines into PDF format and email or print them. It's easy to set up notifications for certain parts of your routine that you usually forget, or just want to be reminded of.

I experienced two crashes while using this app off and on for two days. Starting it back up again worked fine, so I am not too worried, but hopefully some stability fixes will be in the next update.

My only other issue is the icon. Although I love the ribboning in the UI, I'm not too found of it in icon-form. But this is obviously not a deal breaker, just a suggestion.

Daily Routine by Jaysen Marais screenshot

The price of this app is a bit steep at $2.99, especially considering there is no sync at the moment. However, the developer is already looking into syncing options — after all, once we get our routines down, we probably want to back them up, right?

If you find yourself needing to set up routines to help you be productive, this is definitely the app for you. I would like to see the price drop to $1.99, though, which seems more reasonable, but that is only my opinion. I am also looking forward to seeing sync implemented soon.

All in all, though, this app is very impressive: visually and practically.

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