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Create Hilarious Self Portrait Masterpieces With Faces ~ Photo Fun!

Create Hilarious Self Portrait Masterpieces With Faces ~ Photo Fun!

August 1, 2011
Faces ~ photo fun! by tap tap tap icon

Faces ~ photo fun! ($0.99) by tap tap tap lets you create hilarious self portrait masterpieces with a variety of props that stick on to your photo.

Everyone loves a good self portrait. But how about a hilarious self portrait? Faces ~ Photo Fun couldn't have made it more simple, and in a beautiful interface to boot.

Faces ~ photo fun! by tap tap tap screenshot

Upon opening the app, you'll be greeted with a beautifully drawn main screen, which looks like what you would find in most attics. You'll notice that the light switch (string) at the top will also move along with the gyroscope. So if you tilt your device right, the string will tilt to the right as well. A very nice touch to a beautiful interface.

In this attic-scene screen, there are a few options. The mirror in the middle will activate the iPhone 4's front-facing camera, the Polaroid-like camera on the table will activate the device's rear-facing camera, and the stack of books labeled "Photos" will allow you to import a photo from the Photo Library. Additionally, you can tap on the phonograph to change the background music (some very retro tunes), and access the various props and frames with the Props box. Whatever photo you're currently working on will hang in the upper right.

If you are planning to use the app to snap a new photo, you can switch between both cameras freely and even access the device flash. The screen will display what the camera is seeing, but there is also a small viewfinder at the bottom near where the red shutter button is. I'm not sure what the purpose of this is for -- it looks good, but why do I need this when I can already see everything in a bigger form?

Once you have your photo though (a new snap or import), the fun and hilarity begins. You get your photograph and four buttons in each corner. At the top, you can go back or share the current picture (after you spice things up); the bottom allows you to randomize props on the picture and access the Props box.

When you delve into the Props box, you'll be greeted with a plethora of goodies. There are six categories: Hats, Mouths, Eyes/Glasses, Ears, Noses, and Holidays. The bottom will have several borders to frame your masterpiece in. Each category has plenty of props to choose from, so it's time to mix-n-match to your heart's desire! The possibilities are endless.

In the Hats section, you'll even notice some nice cosplay pieces, like Cloud's spiky hair, Princess Leia hair buns, and even Conan O'Brien's signature hairstyle. You can even find V's mask ("V For Vendetta"), Link's fashionable green cap, and the Ghostface mask from the "Scream" series of slasher films.

Faces ~ photo fun! by tap tap tap screenshot

Each prop will be properly placed on the photo, but you are still able to drag-to-move, pinch-to-resize, and rotate the item as you desire. Tapping on an item will select it and allow you to tweak it even further.

The final touch to a photo will be the borders, accessed from the Props box. Several are classy and simple, while others are completely zany. If you decide to go with a border, it will only add to the crazy level of your picture.

The Randomizer button will just get a mix of items and throw it on your photo. The possibilities are endless, so if you can't come up with something, try this!

When you're done adding the laughs, it's time to share it with others (or yourself. Faces ~ Photo Fun can share your creation on Twitter, Facebook, SMS, or by email. You can also save it to the Camera Roll.

This is a great little app for having some fun with your portraits. Everything seems to fit well together in the app, and it's definitely another winner from tap tap tap.

I would only hope that they continue to add more props in future updates, though tap tap tap isn't known for releasing updates quickly.

The app is currently on sale for a dollar though, so I'd recommend picking this up before the price goes up!

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