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Let Your Arrows Fly In Hit The Apple!

Let Your Arrows Fly In Hit The Apple!

August 22, 2011
Hit the Apple! by Falcon Mobile Inc. icon

Hit the Apple! (Free) by Falcon Mobile Inc. tests your mettle as an archer.

The game has two different modes: “The Quest,” which pits your archery skills against opponents; and “Hit The Apple,” which has you try shooting an apple off some poor guy’s head. No matter which mode you select, bloodshed is guaranteed.

Hit the Apple! by Falcon Mobile Inc. screenshot

To play, all you have to do is pull back on the bow. The archer remains planted to the ground, so all you need to worry about is angling the bow and how hard to pull back. In the story mode, your opposing archer acts the same way. The game almost makes you feel like a spectator at a tennis match with the exchange of volleys.

Both you and your opponent have a life meter. As you can already guess, hitting the legs results in little damage, while torso and head shots yield much better results. Kill your opponent before he kills you.

The apple hitting game is much harder. Shooting the arrows is the same, though this mode is all about precision. Aim too low and you turn the guy with the apple into a pincushion; aiming too high and the arrow goes whizzing by. You’re not restricted to the number of arrows, but Mr. Pincushion isn’t too keen on head shots.

Hit the Apple! by Falcon Mobile Inc. screenshot

Aside from the steep learning curve with fine-tuning the arrow shooting, my biggest annoyance is the real estate dedicated to advertisements.

The ads take advantage of the fact that the bottom portion of the screen isn’t used for much besides feet and the ground. It immediately becomes clear why this game is a free download.

Considering the game’s title, it’s surprising how much attention focuses on the story mode, rather than the apple shooting.

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