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NodeBeat Offers Easy Experimental Music Creation

NodeBeat Offers Easy Experimental Music Creation

August 31, 2011
NodeBeat by AffinityBlue icon

NodeBeat ($1.99) by AffinityBlue puts experimental music creation at your fingertips.

Move nodes on to the screen to play your song. Generator nodes will govern the note nodes. There is an octave and beat generator, each of which will play any note within proximity of them. Eight notes are available in a progression of pitch.

NodeBeat by AffinityBlue screenshot

Getting started is as simple as dragging a generator on to the screen, followed by notes. The results are instant and pleasing. A color gradient background changes color as the song plays.

You can control the audio functions, such as waveform, attack, and decay. The rhythm can also be modified to fit the beats-per-minute you want.

Of course, what’s the point of making all this music if you can’t export it? A record button will capture your song and you can either send it to iTunes or email it as an .m4r file.

One issue I find is the lack of a home screen. Call me crazy, but I get antsy when I can’t find my way back home. A conditional looping option might be a nice addition as well, so that you can make your song more elaborate than the same thing played over and over.

Overall, this is a great app. Experienced musicians and laypeople alike can enjoy their music within seconds.

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